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Hey everyone,

This time of year is the time when people are so happy and having family all around. For some, however its a very depressing time. There are so many reasons why, I know for me the cold can easily put me into a funk. Below you can find my tips to help you shake off the winter blues……

1.Meditation, and Aromatherapy ….

This time of year problems come out of the woodworks,whether your just over everything dealing with stressful situations or your just alone, shit can get tough. When you mediate, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, it can bring such a calm and peace to the rest of your day. On the other hand aromatherapy is another helpful tool to pick you up. We have access to candles, incense,and  teas that can help us.I’m currently meditating with Citrine, and burning incense that brings balance. And putting mediation and aromatherapy together can have you on cloud 9ine.

2. Change your social media feed….

Our minds process so much everyday, especially from social media. There are now even ads on our feeds, generated from things you’ve searched. It’s easy to see if your not mindful, you can take on other peoples energy. The way I battle this, is by unfollowing any negative vibe and following people that align with my goals. This works best when, I don’t wanna work out in the morning, my feed makes me get up and crush my goals.

3. Move that body……..

During the colder time of year, it is too easy to stay in and be a couch potato. Although,sounds nice the rolls come February won’t be nice, when it’s date night and you can’t fit that dress. Have a fitness class you’ve always wanted to take? Well now is the perfect time to take it. Find physical activities that excite you, it will make your more enthusiastic about going. I am going to start  Pole-dancing, it so beautiful and therapeutic  way of self expression.

4. Overly indulge in new books………

I feel like during times I rotate books weekly .Everyone isn’t as avid a reader as I am, so do 2 books in a month. It’s a great time to snuggle up to a romance book, but if that’s not your lane read about self development. I’m try to  have a balance between the two. I’m currently reading Heads in the Beds by Jacob Tomsky. Book HERE!!

5.Volunteer, volunteer, and volunteer…………….

I try to volunteer year round but especially when most of us have it all, is when we should seek to give most. You get such a sense of fulfillment when you give back to others. During Thanksgiving, I met a homeless woman who reminded me we all one decision away from meeting the harsh reality many people live around the world.YES, THE WORLD, Craig lol.

6. Make time and space to visit Loved ones…………..

We all need a sense of community, no matter how society tells we don’t need nobody. Sometimes our friends and family go through things that we may not see or they may not talk about, so open your heart up to others. Since my grandfather died in September, I make more of an effort to spend quality with my grandmother.

7. Learn something new…….

Whether it’s a new language, instrument, or a new class,just use your mind. Don’t waste time with an idle mind. And who knows, these things can introduce you to new people or business opportunity. I am currently studying french , using the Duolingo app. It’s free, just do download that thing.

8.Change up your routine………ωω

If you get the hint, here it is in plain text: CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Make small changes, to your day so you can have new experience. Routines can get boring anyway. I’ve been changing up my workouts and the way I get to work.

9. Planner and Vision boards…….

A lot of planner try to plan for 2017 but how you end something is how you start something else. The rest of the year isn’t over so, start living in each moment today.I have about 4 planners/notebooks; Business; Journal;Planner;Spiritual learning. Yeah it’s that deep. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail-Prof Rok.

10. Get your favorite things ………

It’s the end, don’t put so much pressure on yourself and indulge yourself. I think everyone should have that one thing that just makes you feel fulfill or overjoyed. For me that’s makeup, stones,singing and traveling. Yes, I have a few, a girls gotta have options.

PSSSSSttt.……  Before you go, I know my tips are great because they’ve helped me through depression a few times, still I’m not a professional. There is a great site called: Talkspace where you can talk with a professional at very affordable prices.

You’ve been activated,  now go out and be great.



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